Wednesday, March 4, 2009

under the microscope


so yea this is a bit weird but hey. I took these pictures in my histology class last week with a camera we are able to attach to the microscope to take microscopic pictures! i find is completely fascinating. It took weeks, many, many steps, and a lot of trial and error to get to his point. From cutting the tissue, fixing it, dehydrating, impregnating with wax, cutting with microtomes, floating the ribbons of tissue in water bath, mounting on slides, a hour and a half of steps to dye the tissue, then paramounting the cover slip on, (every step has a hundred and two different ways to fuck up) to finally look under the microscope and cross your fingers everything is alright, no rips, folds, blade marks, dye clumps, ect. So point being, appreciate these pictures! I was not planning on putting them up here, I took them because I have to make a project now with the two tissues. The first three are skin slices and the last five are a diseased prostate slices. There is actually and entire story behind the disease prostate, I have the entire case history or a poor doggy with a family who loved him dearly (spay and neuter your pets people, to prevent this cancer, among many other reasons like the 80, 000 animals we put down a year at our one SPCA because of over population due to irresponsible owners how think puppies and kitties are cute… do get me started) To get to the point, I put these here because without knowing what you are looking at. They are completely mind boggling and capturing with how abstract they are, but if you look to closley your brain starts making up patterns. They remind me of some paintings people have on their walls. I'm thinking I might actually enlarge and frame the second one. Who knew how beautiful and artsy skin can be. If I had a lot more time to kill I think I could really get into photographing tissues and making them into framed art pieces. I don’t have a picture of it, but the heart actually makes really nice ones, if you cross section it right it’s a spiral of pink and blue. I also have slides on the spleen, brain, kidney, testicle, and liver, i might try and take pictures of.